Medications are medications for pain relief but do not treat venous disease.Varice stocking is useful for:
- slow down the evolution of the disease.
- complement of the surgery.

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a sclerosing product, it is placed on the wall of the vein and can close it.This sclerotherapy is for small varicose veins, generally less than 3 mm and when there is no point of dropping or important tap that supplies varicose veins.This sclerotherapy has certain disadvantages, mainly skin spots.Sclerotherapy can always be done with "foam" which consists of injecting the product mixed with air producing the foam which allows for a longer contact between the product and the wall and a better result.

Elastic compression or Stockings

The stockings are fundamental because the decreasing pressure upwards prevents the blood down to the lower leg.

“The stockings” have progressed aesthetically and several “tricks” are used to wear stockings easier:

  • Application of cold cream on the stocking,

  • Getting the stockings cooled with a fridge,

  • The stocking must be where only during the day and you can take it off of during the night.

  • the stocking can also live the tose outside.


The lifestyle is very important, you must:

  • Playing a sport avoiding jumps on the spot, cycling, swimming and walking are especially recommended

  • Avoid jumping (tennis, jumping rope, basketball)

  • Avoid tight clothing and elastic on the leg,

  • Attach importance to diet.

  • Avoid weight gain,

  • Prefer fibers

  • Especially take foods rich in vitamin E (fatty fish).

  • Avoid standing for long periods,

  • Avoid stomping and cross your legs too,

  • Of course, avoid the heat (sun, hot baths, hammam, sauna, hot wax hair removal).

This lifestyle is fundamental whatever the stage of the disease.


It is irritating the varicose due to irritation of the endo-vein walls which adhere to one another and close the vein. They are aimed at small caliber varicose veins that do not have big “vanishing points” and especially when the saphenous vein is not incontinent with its ostium or its path.



           :: It is simple, fast,

           ::It is intended for small caliber varicose veins and spider veins and is easily reproducible.


           :: It requires several sessions,

           :: It often leaves persistent venous cord,

           :: Possible pigmentation and certain allergies.

           :: It’s hard to get a definitive result.

           :: It has recently been improved by:

                    ::The tracking instead of the needle-Doppler Echo

                    ::For sclerosing foam

                    ::It is an excellent complement always necessary when varicose veins operations and, of course, an aesthetic complement.

Varicose vein surgery must always be complemented with sclerotherapy
for the aesthetic result to be perfect.

Ineffective Treatment.

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